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As a nonprofit organization, securing funding to support your important work is critical. Kresge Foundation grants provide opportunities for funding that could help take your organization’s impact to the next level. The Kresge Foundation awards grants in the areas of arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, and community development.

They focus on supporting organizations and projects that promote opportunity and access for underserved populations. If your nonprofit’s mission and programs align with these areas of focus, you may be eligible to apply for funding.

The application process for Kresge Foundation grants is thorough but navigable. They accept proposals year-round for their small arts and culture grants, and have deadlines in June and October for their larger challenge grants.

With clear goals, a well-developed plan for using the funding, and a compelling case for the impact of your work, your nonprofit has a strong chance of being awarded a grant. The time you invest in crafting a high-quality proposal will be well worth the opportunity to advance your mission and better serve your community.

Kresge Foundation Grant Overview: Supporting Nonprofits and Social Justice

The Kresge Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations in the United States that work to expand opportunities in six areas: arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, and community development. To be eligible for funding, organizations must have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and support disadvantaged and underserved populations.

Grant awards range from $25,000 to $500,000 and can be used for project support, general operating expenses, planning grants, and capital grants. The Kresge aims to fund organizations that embrace diversity, promote inclusion, and advance equity and social justice. Applicants should articulate how their mission and programs align with these values.

The application process involves an online application, proposal, budget, and supplemental materials such as financial statements and key organization documents.

Grant proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed quarterly. Interested nonprofits should visit the Kresge website to review the grant guidelines and application procedures in full before applying.

Successful applicants exhibit strong leadership, fiscal responsibility, and a proven track record of achieving meaningful outcomes. The Kresge seeks to support organizations poised to expand their impact in local communities and beyond. Nonprofits that have not previously received Kresge funding are encouraged to apply.

With a focus on building just, equitable and thriving communities, the Kresge Foundation partners with nonprofits across the United States to promote human progress and social justice. Their grants aim to empower organizations that share these values to deepen and extend their positive influence on society.

Qualifications and Eligibility Requirements for Kresge Foundation Grants

To qualify for funding from the Kresge Foundation, your organization must meet certain requirements.

You must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, an accredited higher education institution, or a unit of government. The Kresge Foundation does not provide grants to individuals or for-profit entities.

Your mission and programs must align with the Foundation’s funding priorities in the areas of health, environment, community development, education, arts and culture, and human services. The Kresge Foundation seeks to support organizations improving the lives of disadvantaged and underserved populations.

To apply for a Kresge Foundation grant, first review the Foundation’s funding priorities and application guidelines to determine if your organization and programs are a good match. If so, submit a pre-proposal or letter of inquiry to start an initial conversation with a Kresge Foundation program officer.

If invited to submit a full proposal, you will need to provide details on your organization’s history, mission, programs and impact, as well as the specific project or programs for which you are seeking funding. You must include a budget, timeline, and plan to evaluate the effectiveness and results of Kresge Foundation funding.

Grant awards typically range from $100,000 to $500,000 per year for multi-year grants. The Kresge Foundation receives many more funding requests than it is able to support, so submitting a thoughtful, well-developed proposal that clearly aligns with their priorities will increase your likelihood of receiving an award. With diligent work and patience, securing a Kresge Foundation grant can be well worth the effort.

How to Apply for a Kresge Foundation Grant: Tips and Application Process

To apply for a Kresge Foundation grant, follow these key steps:

Research the Kresge Foundation’s Funding Interests

The Kresge Foundation funds nonprofit organizations in six program areas: arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, and community development. Review the Foundation’s website to determine if your organization and project goals align with their funding priorities. The Foundation prefers to support capacity-building and collaboration, so make sure your proposal reflects those aims.

Contact the Appropriate Kresge Foundation Program Officer

Reach out to the program officer whose funding area best matches your nonprofit’s mission. Explain your organization and proposal concept to ensure it’s a good fit before investing time in a full application. Be prepared to clarify details about your program, beneficiaries, community impact, and funding needs.

Complete the Online Application

If invited to apply, you will need to submit an online application including:

  • Basic information about your nonprofit such as mission, programs, budget, and key staff
  • A proposal narrative explaining your project concept, goals, timeline, budget, and evaluation plan
  • Your organization’s financial statements and operating budget
  • Letters of support from community partners and beneficiaries

Submit Supplementary Materials (If Requested)

The Foundation may ask for additional materials such as:

  • A business or strategic plan
  • Resumes of key staff
  • Annual reports
  • Evaluations of similar programs

Be thorough yet concise in all responses and materials. Submit your application well before the deadline to avoid technical issues. The Kresge Foundation receives many proposals, so a compelling, impactful project and professional application are critical.

With diligent preparation and a strong, collaborative proposal focused on improving people’s lives, your nonprofit has a chance to gain a generous, multi-year award from the Kresge Foundation.

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The Kresge Foundation offers generous grants and funding for nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions across the United States. Their grants support organizations that are improving lives and creating opportunity for low-income and underserved populations.

With a thorough application demonstrating your organization’s impact and vision, you have the opportunity to receive funding that could significantly advance your mission.

While the application process requires time and effort, the rewards of receiving a Kresge Foundation grant make it well worth pursuing. If you lead an organization that is creating opportunity and improving lives, do not miss the chance to apply. With their support, you can build a better future.

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